Professional Approach – Marc Priestley

When Marc Priestley was a teenager all he wanted was a way into the world of Formula One. Building experience in the lower formulas he got his break joining the McLaren Formula One team. With ten years of experience he then transitioned to media and recently published author of his first book, The Mechanic. The secret to his success, hard work and always pushing to do the job the right way, no matter what that job is.

Mecca of Speed: You worked in various lower formulas of motorsport, how did you secure a position with McLaren Formula One?

Marc Priestley: I wasn’t specifically targeting McLaren. Ever since I was a teenager I have been obsessed with Formula One and was desperate to get into it. I was writing letters almost ever week to every Formula One team for about three years. I still have a huge stack of rejection letters at home. more

Post-Race Showtime

AMA at Road America 2013There is no form of motorsport with a better salute to the fans on the cool down lap than motorcycle racing. I have nothing against Zanardi style donuts but the pure showmanship that will be on display during the upcoming MotoAmerica round this weekend at Road America is not to be missed. Superbike riders will send the front tier skyward at various points around the track. A premium location starts at the exit of Turn 8 where riders in total control ride one wheel all the way down to Turn 9.

Three details I really like about this classic ride by Danny Eslick:

  1. The fan on the right, arm raised in a “Hell Yeah!”
  2. Danny Eslick looking directly at the camera making sure I got the shot.
  3. Sponsorship is placed on the underside of the bike knowing it would receive exposure on the cool down lap.

Life really is different on two wheels.

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