Focused – Katherine Legge

Katherine Legge in the DeltaWing at Road America.Talking with Katherine Legge you will realize some key qualities needed in every driver. She has a technical understanding of a race car, conducts herself in a professional yet relaxed manner and has an intent level of focus to get the absolute best out of the car, team and herself.

Mecca of Speed: This is your fourth season with the DeltaWing project. One of the most notable evolutions was from the roadster to coupe configuration. How did that change things from a driver’s perspective?

Katherine Legge: The technology that came with putting the roof on changed the weight distribution, down force levels etc. It’s safer and more aerodynamic but it does get hotter in the car.  Safety wise it’s a step in the right direction and where everybody thinks we should be. Dr. Panoz is big on safety.

Big picture is to have every technology advancement completed and ready for the road car, which is the most important aspect of this project. more

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