Three From The Past

2018 Indycar Concept Sketches
2018 Indycar aero kit concept sketches.

Retro is the big word when looking at the 2018 Indycar aero kit concepts and I don’t have a problem with that. The current aero kit is a bit bulky for my taste and a slimmed down thoroughbred will be a welcome evolution for the series. These are just concept sketches and no definitive definition of what past designs may be influences for the new look. Below are first impressions of three design traits from pat cars I see in the sketches.

Panoz DP01 – The gills on some of the side pod sketches remind me of the last chassis from the ChampCar series. On the Panoz DP01 the gills were farther back to allow air to exit and cool the exhaust. The location of the gills on the concept look to be focused primarily on airflow for the radiators, as they are farther up the side pod compared to the DP01.

Gurney Eagle 987 – The high side pod inlets and overall flowing arc draws comparison to the Gurney Eagle 987 ChampCar chassis. The 987 had many innovations that influenced the later Lola designs in the series. The 987 capitalized on smooth flowing lines and if the Toyota engine program did not suffer the setback created by a fire at the engine facility the 987 would have likely lived up to the teams legacy.

1992 Galmer – The removal of the air box, a hold over from the natural aspirated engines brings the appearance of countless turbocharged Indycars. The forward canted roll hoop on some of the sketches reminds me of the 1992 Galmer chassis. Most of the roll hoops are primarily of a vertical design, but the Galmer influence of a potential forward canted roll hoop would give a more aggressive cue to the top of the car.

The final aero configuration will be debuted later this year and with the talk of one or two additional engine manufactures looking at potentially joining the series Indycar is heading in the right direction.

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