Imola San Marino 1994

This video has surfaced and is a gimps back to a dark weekend in Formula 1 as view by a spectator in the stands. At the time of the video they did not know the details of the events. That weekend we not only lost 2 drivers but other events injured crewmembers and spectators. Motorsport can be a cruel, but the sharp eye will find humanity.

If you advanced the video to 11:00 you will see Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger going down the pit lane looking for information. Berger was a true friend to Senna who had just crashed bringing out the red flag. It was not yet known that that crash took Senna’s life and Berger does what all friends do, look out for the wellbeing of those close to them.

Beyond the horsepower, speed and excitement of motorsport there is the flesh and blood of all those that make it happen and matter most of all.

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