A Good Sound – Mikhail Aleshin

Mikhail Aleshin

From guitars to race cars Mikhail Aleshin enjoys the power chords you feel in the square of your chest.

Mecca of Speed: Welcome back to Road America, you had a few traveling challenges coming back from France, was it a matter of missing details on your visa?

Mikhail Aleshin: I needed to do one more visa to get back in and it just took more time that we expected.

Mecca of Speed: How did your first session in the car feel today, particular with the windy conditions?

Mikhail Aleshin: You can feel the wind a bit, but it’s the same for everyone. It definitely makes our job a little more difficult. This morning we had some technical issues that we are trying to solve but the team is doing a very good job.  They always solve our problems, it’s a technical sport and sometimes it takes a little extra work to sort things out. more

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