KOHLER Grand Prix

Kohler Co. has signed on to be the title sponsor for the Verizon IndyCar series event at Road America June 23-26. As title sponsor not only does Kohler Co. bring a financial backing to the event but shows as an industry leader they find significant value in being associated with  Road America and the IndyCar series.

The more primary and associate sponsor an event has can be related to the health of an event or facility. Each sponsor that joins IndyCar is another positive sign on the health of the series.

As an individual that has some past experience working with Kohler Co. doing engine testing I am happy to see the company step forward and back another event at Road America.

Speedway at Nazareth

I never pick a number one but if I had to list my top three race orientated songs, Speedway at Nazareth would be on the list. Mark Knopfler based the lyrics on letters he received by friend and professional racing driver Stefan Johansson over a season racing in the CART IndyCar series.

Racing is full of struggles and triumphs, turn this one up and travel a year on the circuit.

Formula One – Primal Fear

If you start searching the internet you will no doubt find a mix of songs about racing. Over the years I’ve found a few that seem to stick with me for good or bad. With the Monaco Grand Prix this coming weekend I think it’s time to get out your black t-shirts, drop into the world of Metal and pay tribute to the class of kings on highest level, Formula One.


Traffic Jam

The Month of May brings back many memories as the beast known as the Indy 500 continues to evolve over time. My current thoughts are back to the mid 1990s when it was common to have 100 chassis registered for The Greatest Spectacle in Motor Racing and Bump Day was in full effect.

As the clock ticked and the temperatures cooled on Sunday afternoon a game of poker was being played. The question was when to go all in and make the dash for the tech inspection line and attempt to make it into the show. Teams were scratching for every tenth and the more the track cooled the faster you could go, the hitch is you may have ten cars and if nobody moves soon enough then there would be cars yet in line to qualify when the gun sounded the end of activities.

More then one traffic jam has occurred resembling metro Chicago at 5:00 and heated exchanges about merging into line and who had right of way.

Flurries Can’t Stop Spring Vintage

Racing teaches us many lessons, one of which is to persevere in the face of every challenge. Unseasonably cold May temperatures allowed flurries to make an appearance during the Saturday of the Spring Vintage event at Road America but that did not stop cars from taking to the track.

Vintage racing brings out a mix machinery from American muscle to European sports classics. Vintage liveries can make you ask the hard-hitting questions such as, did that Mustang have Crystal Pepsi sponsorship?

Material from the weekend will be coming thanks to Randy “Pan Master” Erdman who is out covering the event.

Welcome to the new Mecca of Speed

We have torn down our corner of the motorsport world and are rebuilding on a fresh chassis. The best of our old website is being ported over (interviews, galleries, paddock pass) and new material and posts will be added on a regular basis. Check back as the look and feel along with the content will be continually added.